Three small kids in a big, wonderful world


At the beginning it was just us.. all those evenings we would just choose between cooking a nice dinner at home, cozy under a blanket with a cup of tea in our hand and watch a movie or going out and take a walk under the stars, go to a nice restaurant . All those weekends we would decide at the last minute if we wanted to go to the beach or the mountains, take a trip or just sleep in.. those holidays when we could book just the plane tickets, bring a backpack and go on an adventure and sometimes go out in the morning only to come back at night, all day long wandering and walking non stop.

And then it seems that all of a sudden we have 3 children!! We joke about how on earth we can already have 3! Anyway, Life has changed just a little bit… we are still cooking nice dinners at home but they taste extra good when eaten all together, especially when I see those tiny mouths stuffed with food, even more when they say “Mommy it’s delicious!”; always enjoying a hot drink (or sometimes wine!) after they have fallen asleep, still watching tv but it’s been ages since we got through a whole movie, as we are too tired, but it’s so endearing to check up on them and seeing them all snuggled up in their beds, peacefully dreaming .Weekends and holidays are the best as we get to spend a lot of time together as a family, they can get really busy with going to the park, riding bikes and scooters, reading books, singing songs, dancing, painting, building, going to the beach, walks, museums, birthday parties.. busy feet running around.. carrying big bags of toys, backpacks full of tiny clothes and bottles and snacks to share with friends. And we navigate this life ,in our constant jet lagged state after all those sleepless nights, always enjoying seeing them being children, sometimes trying new experiences and sometimes just going to that very same park they love.


And sometimes I look into those big innocent eyes that stare back into mine asking for encouragement and I see that all of this is SO worth it. Because our house might be messy but it’s cozy, our car is full of crumbles but it has taken us to so many adventures, they are loud and sometimes I feel my head is going to explode, but all that noise makes me happy. Our life might be chaotic but it’s perfect just the way it is. And I realise that these three sweet little people have given me more than I could ever imagine and they are teaching me so much every day, but the best gift of all, they bring me back to my memories and I feel again like that little girl who used to jump into puddles or playing in the bathtub or just reading books and taking it easy.. soaking all in.. they are just always so optimistic and positive, so joyful and trusting, they only know the good in this world. And I just want them to stay like this as long as possible and encourage them to keep seeing the beauty in this big, wonderful world.